«Xaladan» is complex polymeric preparation for processing of leguminous and commercial crops for the purpose of prevention of fruits’ dehiscence.

Structure: Adhesive polymers’ composition of natural and artificial origin.

Form: Emulsion concentrate.

Features of action:
The preparation has unique glue ability. In 10-40 minutes after plants’ processing is formed strong polymeric glume having mesh structure, capable to strain and agglutinate pods preventing their dehiscence.




Properties of «Xaladan» glume:

  • doesn't affect photosynthesis;
  • promotes extension of vegetation period and accumulation of oil in grains of oilplants over the last 2-4 weeks;
  • provides natural maturing, both of top and lower layers of oilplants;
  • isn't collapsed under the influence of moisture and ultra-violet radiation;
  • partially regulates moisture amount in pods, preventing its penetration inside, but at the same time, significantly doesn't disturb moisture evaporation outside.

Use of a preparation allows:

  • steady seeds ripening, to prevent fruits’ dehiscence, to reduce crop losses to 50-80%;
  • to increase profitability of cultures’ cultivation due to preservation and increase in production from unit of area;
  • to carry out processing of plants in the range of temperatures from +5°C to +30°C;
  • to protect cultures from adverse weather conditions;
  • to reduce expenses on crop drying, especially during rainy season, thanks to the reduced grain humidity.

Preparation benefit: pods’ sticking: of colza, mustard, beans, soy, peas, haricot, vegetable beans, boxes of flax and cotton for prevention of their dehiscence and crop loss, or during combining.

way of processing and dosage of the preparation:
Culture Method of application Processing times
On the ground Plane With the glider
Clay, l/ha Water volume, l/ha Clay, l/h Water volume, l/ha Clay, l/h Water volume, l/ha
Rape, mustard, peas, soybeans, beans, vegetables, beans, flax, cotton 1,0–1,5 100–200 1,0–1,5 50–100 0,6–1,0 6,0–12,0 3-4 weeks before harvest

The product is compatible with all types of agricultural chemicals and biologics.

Shelf life: 24 months.

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