Urozhay Zinc

Urozhay Zinc

«Urozhay Zinc» – liquid fertilizer with high zinc content in easily accessible form for leaf-feeding of crops.

It is recommended for effective nutrition of crops which are sensitive to zinc deficiency: corn, soybeans, beans, hop, potatoe, flax, vegetables, grapes, apple, pear, citrus plants.

«Urozhay Zinc» promotes heat-, drought - and winter resistance of plants, prevents the early aging of cells, participates in metabolism of nitrogen, carbohydrates, phosphates and synthesis of growth regulators. With reference to maize zinc is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll and vitamins B, P, C, affects the process of growth and development, increases resistance to adverse conditions, including frost.

Content of nutrient in the fertilizer «Urozhay zinc», g/l
N P2O5 K2O MgO SO3 B Cu Fe Mn Mo Zn
recommended application norms
CulturePurposeNorm of preparation’s consumption, l/ha
Corn To provide with zinc, to increase resistance to adverse weather conditions 1,0-3,0
Cereal Nutrition correction 0,5-1,5
Sunflower To increasing the amount of oil in the seeds 0,5-2,0
Potatoe To provide with zinc, to increase resistance to adverse weather conditions 0,5-1,0
Apple, pear

Basic rules for the preparation of working solution:

  • to fill in the sprayer container with water at 2/3 volume and turn on the mixer;
  • by turns add carbamide (if necessary), then add «Urozhay Zinc» and plant protection preparations (if necessary);
  • add water, mix and carry out the spraying.

It is recommended to carry out a trial for the absence of sediment.

Requirements to leaf-feeding by the multicomponent fertilizer with high content of trace elements «Urozhay»:

  • to carry out the spraying in the morning or evening;
  • the temperature at spraying mustn’t exceed +20°С;
  • the temperature of working solution must not be below +10°С;
  • do not use at intensive sunradiation.

Self life: 24 months.

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