Urozhay Zerno

Urozhay Zerno

«Urozhay-Zerno» - liquid multicomponent fertilizer with high content of microelements for leaf- feeding of winter and spring cereals.

The optimal ratio of microelements in easily accessible form combined with chelate-tagged EDTA compounds and complex of organic acids allows to improve the providing of plants with mineral feeding at critical periods of growth and development that has a positive effect on the laying and formation of generative organs, plant resistance to diseases and provides the increase of the size and quality of grain crops harvest.

Content of nutrients in the multicomponent fertilizer «UROZHAY-zerno», g/l
N P2O5 K2O MgO SO3 B Cu Fe Mn Mo Zn
50 50 55 2,5 8,5 3,8 15 0,2 2
recommended norms of fertilizer «urozhay-zerno»
Culture Application period Fertilizer’s rate, l/ha Working solution consumption, l/ha Recommended norms of carbamide for mixing*, kg/ha
Winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley, oats Tillering phase 1,5-2,0 200-300 5-15
Booting phase 10-15
Earing phase (except brewing kinds of spring barley) 2-6

*Note: by increasing rate of urea application, working solution application rate should be increased on the basis that solution concentration should not exceed 10%.

Basic rules for the preparation of working solution:

  • to fill in the sprayer container with water at 2/3 volume and turn on the mixer;
  • by turns to add carbamide (if necessary), then «Urozhay-Zerno» and plant protection preparations (if necessary);
  • to add water, mix and conduct spraying.

Is recommended to carry out tests for absence of sediments.

Requirements for foliar nutrition by multicomponent fertilizer with high content of trace elements "Urozhay":

  • to carry out the spraying in the morning or evening;
  • the air temperature at spraying should not exceed +20°С;
  • the working solution temperature should not be lower than +10°С;
  • do not use at intense solar radiation.

Shelf life: 24 months.

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