Urozhay ТК

Urozhay ТК

«Urozhay ТК» – liquid multicomponent fertilizer with high content of microelements for presowing treatment of seeds and leaf-feeding of industrial crops.

The optimal ratio of microelements in easily accessible form combined with chelate-tagged EDTA and complex of organic acids allows to activate the processes of photosyntenthesis, cell division and synthesis of organic compounds, to increase enzymatic activity, provides the increasing of the crop productivity and the plant resistance to diseases.

Content of nutrients in «UROZHAY TK», g/l
N P2O5 K2O MgO SO3 B Cu Fe Mn Mo Zn
50 50 37 8 1,5 1,5 1,5 0,2 9
The recommended norms of «UROZHAY TC» application at leaf-feeding of industrial crops
Culture Period of addition Microfertilizer’s norm, l/ha Working solution consumption, l/ha Recommended norms of carbamide for mixing*, kg/ha
Sugar-beet Phase of6-8 leaves 1,5 -2,0 250-300 5-10
After 10-14 days 1,0-2,0
Before closing of inter-rows
Rape Crown from 6-8 leaves 1,0-1,5 250-300 5-10
After 10-14 days
Phase of budding
Soy Phase of budding 1,0-1,5 250-300 5-10
Phase of green beans
Sunflower Phase of 3-4 leaves 1,5–2,0 250-300 5-10
Phase of budding

At increasing norms of carbamide’s application the norm of working solution consumption should be increased at the rate, so that the concentration of solution does not exceed 5%.

Requirements for leaf-feeding by fertilizers "Urozhay":

  • to carry out the spraying in the morning or evening;
  • the air temperature at spraying should not exceed +25°С;
  • the working solution temperature should not be lower than +10°С;
  • do not use at intense solar radiation.

Shelf life: 24 months.

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