Urozhay Boron

Urozhay Boron

«Urozhay Boron» – highly concentrated solution of boron in available for a plant form-boretanolamin for leaf-feeding of crops sensitive to lack of this element.

These crops are: sugar beets, rape, soybeans, sunflowers, legumes, fruit trees, vegetables and others are boron sensitive crops. Boron deficit of rape displays in leaves’ chlorosis, reduction of seeds and pods quantity per plant, and as a result – reduction of yield and oil extraction per unit area

Due to its properties, fertilizer «Urozhay Boron» provides the plants with boron in short time. It promotes the increasing of flowers amount per plant, better pollination process and reduces their abortivity, increases the development of reproductive organs. Prevents the development of physiological diseases (chlorosis, mould of root core, leaves deformation etc). Boron regulates the sucrose content in storage roots, that‘s why the additional feeding of growing crops by «Urozhay Boron» has the decisive importance for the increasing of storage roots’ harvest as well as for the increasing of sugar content. It improves the plants immunity, quality and quantity indexes of harvest, prolongs the products’ shelf life.

It can be used in tank mixture.

Content of nutrients in the fertilizer «UROZHAY BORON», g/l
N P2O5 K2O MgO SO3 B Cu Fe Mn Mo Zn
The recommended norms of «UROZHAY BORON» application at leaf-feeding
Culture Purpose Recommendation
For all crops Boron providing 1–3 l/ha leaf-feeding (water 200-400 l/ha) or 4-8 l/ha soil feeding. By using a knapsack sprayer - 0,5 % solution
Grain-crop Harvesting , boron providing 0,5-1 l/ha by the end of bushing, at confirmation of boron deficiency by leaves diagnostics
Corn Quality of pollen, formation of grain, harvesting, boron providing 3 l/ha, phase 4-10 leaves
Rape Winter resistance, uniform flowering and maturation, harvesting, boron providing 2-3 l/hа in autumn at the stage 4-6 leaves
Uniform flowering and maturation, harvesting, boron providing 2-3 l/hа in spring before blossoming
Sugar beet Prevention of dry rot, harvesting, quality, boron providing 1-3 applications, 2-3 l/hа between stage of 4 leaves and closing of inter-rows
Potato Quality, boron providing 1–2 applications1 l/hа at closing of inter-rows
Fruit and vegetables plants Flowering, ovary, boron providing 1–2 applications 2 l/hа before flowering at enough leaf area
Cabbage, deciduous and bulbous Quality, prevention of necrosis of cabbage kernel, boron providing 1-2 applications, 2-3 l/ha immediately, as soon as the enough leaf area is formed
Root and bulbous cultures, asparagus Quality (preventing of cracks, hollow stalks or buds, rots), boron providing 1–2 applications, 3 l/hа immediately after the enough amount of leaf area is formed
Berry bushes Flowering, ovary 1 l/hа before flowering
Strawberry Blossoming, ovary, preventing of berries deformation 1 l/hа in the period of color change of buds from green to white
Apple, pear The growth of pollen tube, flowering, forming of ovary, calcium carrying, quality of peel 2 applications, 3 l/hа from beginning of buds’ redden to the end of flowering
Laying of reserve substances, regeneration, winter resistance, quality of flowering 3 l/ha after harvesting
Drupaceous Flowering , ovary 3 l/hа at the beginning of flowering
Grape Flowering , ovary, uniform ripening 2 applications, 1 l/hа from beginning of buds increasing to beginning of flowering

Basic rules for the working solution preparation:

  • before spraying fill the sprayer container by water per 2/3 of volume and turn on the mixer;
  • in turn add the carbamide (if necessary) then «Urozhay Boron» and plant protection preparations (if necessary);
  • add water, mix and carry out the spraying.

Is recommended to carry out tests for absence of sediments.

Requirements to leaf-feeding by fertilizer «Urozhay Boron»:

  • to carry out the spraying in the morning or evening;
  • the air temperature at spraying should not exceed +25°С;
  • the temperature of working solution must not be below +10°С;
  • do not use at intensive sunradiation.

Self life: 24 months.

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