Transglutaminase (TG) is a food enzyme that forms bonds between proteins. The enzyme is used in the meat industry and cooking, as a food additive for gluing pieces of meat, seafood and fish, it allows you to reduce the amount of waste, evenly to cook thick steaks, to give portions a beautiful appearance.

Inactivation of the Transglutaminase in the product occurs after its heat treatment. Complete inactivation of transglutaminase occurs at the temperature 70-75 ° C during 5-10 minutes, after that only peptide bonds remain in the product, this allows not to change the standard technological process.

In the production of cooked sausage products, smoked sausages, Transglutaminase has a positive effect on the structural and mechanical characteristics, significantly increasing the density and consistency of sausages, improves the cutability of the finished product, reduces the degree of syneresis at the storage of products.

Benefits of using transglutaminase

  • Improves the consistency of products. Increases the adhesion strength of meat pieces.
  • Reduces the loss of meat delicacies when slicing.
  • Creates a neatly decorated whole portion of meat or fish fillets.
  • Creation of dishes in the form of a chessboard from several types of meat and fish.
  • Preparing minced meat for rolls or sausages that hold the shape without using a shell.

Transglutaminase (TG) is the enzyme that forms bonds between amino acids, thereby stabilizing the structure of the protein. The enzyme is able to bind the whey proteins together into a single net and does not allow them to disintegrate.

Transglutaminase can be used in any dairy products: for cottage cheese, for hard cheeses, creams, etc., and is intended to improve their functional properties: structure, taste and shelf life.

Benefits of using transglutaminase

  • It does not enter into any reactions, but it is only a catalyst.
  • Improves the organoleptic properties of dairy products: appearance, taste and consistency.
  • Increases the yield of cottage cheese due to the enriching with whey proteins and increasing water retention capacity.
  • Prevents syneresis in sour-milk products, creates a denser structure of cottage cheese.

The enzyme activity of the preparation is 100 U / g and 1000 U / g

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