efficient use of the enzyme preparation ladozim Respect optima

Гончарук В. В., канд. с/х наук;
Найдина Т. В., научный сотрудник;
Новаковская В. Ю., аспирант (Институт кормов и сельского хозяйства Подолья НААН Украины)

One of the ways to increase beef production is to find, to test and to add to the animal ration the new biologically active substances, in particular enzymatic preparations. Their use allows to split undigestible forms of feed nutrients into forms that are easily involved into the whole metabolism.

It is also considered that their use has focused impact on natural polymers of feed, promotes their destruction and removes the inhibitory effect on endogenous enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract of animals. This is especially true in today's economic conditions of animal breeding, when the majority of products are made on feed of own production. The main effect of feed enzymes is...

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food processing brewer's yeast for efficient feeding

Виталий Неживенко, ООО «ТД Энзим»

Yeast is a group of unicellular fungi that do not have a typical mycelium and exist as single cells and colonies which are divided. Science knows about 500 of their species. Yeast and yeast products have long been used in the progressive livestock as a source of protein and for the sorption of mycotoxins.

The yeast cell may be used in the feeding by different ways – it can be added in the diet not only as yeast cells, but also as yeast cell wall or even yeast cell wall extracts. In this article we highlight the effects of different ways of using yeast products in feeding of pigs. Digestive disorders as a result of a stressful situation is quite common in farm animals, especially in the breeding herd. The main feature of this stressful situation is the decrease in feed intake and diarrhea. The metabolism in this situation does not occur properly...

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