It is a treatment-preventive probiotic of latest-generation, developed by domestic microbiologists. The preparation is the microbe mass of aerobic spore-forming bacteria Bacillus subtilis 2335 (105).

«Subalin» is characterized by a wide spectrum of antagonistic activity against pathogens and opportunistic micro-organisms, as well as anti-virus activity at diseases of warm-blooded animals and fish.

The important feature of «Subalin» is its ability to strengthen the nonspecific resistance of the organism at the oral intake, as well as regulate and stimulate digestion.

Bacteria Bacillus subtilis are highly resistant to digestive juices and enzymes of gastro-intestinal tract, they have the ability of quick colonization of stomach and intestines, and spore-forming bacteria prolongs the therapeutic effect of the preparation. Subalin differs from other antibiotics and probiotics of new generation by different properties.

«Subalin» is used for prevention and treatment of gastro-intestinal infections, for normalization of enteric microflora at dysbacteriosis of different origin, for the strengthening of natural resistance of the organism, for the removal of stress load, for safety increase of young animals and others.

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