ladozim "respect"

Multienzymatic complex obtained by deep fermentation of the fungus Trichoderma reesei.

The preparation is intended for the diets of broilers, laying hens and pigs, for the diets containing the increased number of non-starched polysaccharides: betaglucans, xylans and pectins. The enzymatic complex of the preparation consists of enzymes, the main of them are: cellulase, cellobiase, betaglucanase, pectinase, polycalacturonase and xylanase. Optimal conditions of action of the preparation are in the range of pH 4.8-5.5, the temperature 40°C.

At the applying of the preparation the increase of exchange energy for plant ingredients makes: for wheat - 5%, for triticale - 7%, for rye - 5%, for barley - 11%, for oat - 6%, for soybean - 5%, for corn - 3%, for sunflower meal/cake - 11%.

The application of the product allows:

  • to reduce the cost of the diet at least on 5% due to the reduction of addition of more expensive ingredients to the feed;
  • to avoid the reduction of productivity at sharp change of diets;
  • to reduce feed intake on 5-7%.
Norms of consumption:
Preparation Wheat till 50%+ meal of sunflower and soya till 15%, kg/t Wheat till 50% barley till 35%, rye /oat/wheat bran till 15%+ meal of sunflower/soya till 27, kg/t Barley till 60%, rye/oat / wheat bran till 25% meal of sunflower/soya till 35%, kg/t
Ladozim Respect Optima 0,350 0,500 0,750
Ladozim Respect Extra 0,150 0,200 0,300
Ladozim Respect Ultra 0,080 0,100 0,120
Ladozim Respect (liquid) 0,200 0,250 0,300
Interchangeability of preparations:
Preparation Producer Dosage, g/t
Ladozim Respect Ultra Enzim, Ukraine 100
Rovabio Adisseo, France 60
Roksazim G2G DSM 150
Complex Ronozim WX+VP DSM 200+100
Grindazym GP 15000 Danisco 150
Kemzyme HF Kemin 500
Kemzyme X Kemin 400
Allzyme Vegpro Alltech 1000
MEC СХ3 Vostok, Russia 1000

Practical aspects:

  • Packing: plastic bag with the subsequent packing in three-layer craft bags.
  • Shelf life: 6 months at the temperature from -25°C to +25°C. It is recommended to use together with the preparation Probiol.
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