Enzymatic preparation of bacterial protease received by directed fermentation of the selection strain B.subtilis with the subsequent purification.

«Protolad» catalyzes the hydrolysis of high-molecular proteins with the formation of low-molecular peptides.

In food industry it is used for processing of flour with strong or short-tearing gluten, as well as for the production of flour confectionery products (wafers, biscuits, crackers, cookies)



Product benefits:

  • weakening of strong gluten;
  • improving of dough stretchability;
  • reduction of the dough maturing.

The preparation is also used in the processing of meat and fish. By breaking down proteins of muscle tissue the reduction of ripening time of meat and fish products at processing is achieved; the taste and aroma of products are enhanced due to formation of free amino acids.

In addition, it is possible to increase the grade of meat and to use the waste of processing for producing meat and fish hydrolyzates. Due to this there is the increase of water binding ability and the decrease of weight loss during the heat treatment without the use of additives.


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