alkaline protease

Alkaline protease

Enzymatic preparation of proteolytic action, obtained by microbiological synthesis, by drying on spray drier of the native solution that had been grown by deep manner. It belongs to the class of hydrolases (the reaction of proteins splitting occurs with the bonding of water).

Along with the use of alkaline protease in powder detergents the preparation can be used in the composition of detergent pastes and liquids.

During the process of soaking and washing the preparation destroys from the fabric all protein pollutions - blood, sweat, milk, etc., and increases the ability of detergent on 20 - 30%. Alkaline protease splits the proteins into separate amino acids and polypeptides, which are then easily removed by the components of the detergent.

The dosage of alkaline protease with the activity 300 000 u/g is up to 0.2% of detergent’s mass.

The guarantee period of storage of the product is 1 year from the manufacturing date. After this period the preparation is suitable for use but the proteolytic activity decrease is possible.

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