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Specialists of the companies group «Enzim» is constantly working to improve and expand the range of products, taking into account the wishes of customers and implementing the latest developments of domestic and foreign scholars. Every year we increase our range of products for two or three names, this year is no exception, and marked by the production of such products as: «AdjuMax» (super-wetting adjuvant) and «Metarhizin» (soil bioinsecticides). Each of the products is a unique development and practically has no analogues in Ukraine market.

«AdjuMax» is a multifunctional adjuvant for increasing the efficiency of the use of plant protection products.

Adjuvants are substances which reduce the surface tension of a liquid for the better penetration and prolonged retention and preservation of the active substance of plant protection products on plant surface.

The main active ingredient of the preparation AdjuMax is trisiloxane (organosilicone surfactant).

«AdjuMax» is used to increase the efficiency of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and trace elements on field, fruit and other crops.

Waxy coating of plants, the covers of pests and even fungi-pathogens have water repellency. This leads to the drippage of the working solution from the object. AdjuMax provides a better adhesion of the pesticide to the object and reduces the drippage. The encapsulated by the adjuvant preparation covers the leaf surface 8-16 times more than if it were in a similar size drop of water, and better penetrates into the plant.

Thanks to oil-based and rapid adhesion AdjuMax provides the stability of pesticide to the washout by the rain in just a few minutes after the treatment, as well as protects pesticide against losses due to evaporation, decomposition from photodegradation and volatility.

The preparation is characterized by a low application rate, total: 50-100 ml / 200 liters of water for field crops, 150 ml/600-1000l of water for fruit crops and 10 ml/10 liters of water per 1 ton of seeds.

«AdjuMax» has the status of the product on the organic basis. It increases the effectiveness of the preparations for the chemical and especially biological control, such as preparations based on the producers Trichoderma spp., Bacillus spp., Streptomyces spp., Pseudomonas spp. etc.

At seed treatment «AdjuMax» promotes the application quality of the preparations and makes it impossible for them to crumble. It helps to retain moisture around the seed, resulting in rapid penetration of moisture in the seed that activates the germination.

The use of «AdjuMax» with soil herbicides reduces the negative impact on culture’s sprout due to its content in the upper soil layers and reduction of washout.

It reduces the application rate of chemicals to the minimum recommended. It also reduces the volume of the working solution by 15-25% and increases the rate of spraying to 12-15 km/h.

During the practical tests it was found that the penetrating strength and surface activity of the preparation AdjuMax are much better than the analogous ones. This is easily seen by applying the preparation even in small test territories and test cultures.

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«Entocide» the latest biotech preparation for the control of soil pests: mole cricket, wireworms, the larvae and adults of May and the Colorado potato beetle.

Active preparation effective framework constitutes of the several starins of high-virulent entomopathogenic fungi.

The spores of the fungus in the soil in contact with the body of the pest through 12:00 germinate and infect the adipose tissue, intestinal tract, paralyzing the nervous system, muscle and respiratory system. As a result of the pest dies and becomes a source for the fungus and other soil microflora. Total loss occurs within 40 - 120 hours depending on the age of the larvae or adults.

«Entocide» applied to the soil in any way possible: by mixing the fertilizer in solution with irrigation water, spraying the soil.

Recommended to use the preparation in the fall or spring, especially during heavy rains fall. After making the soil preparation is processed in accordance with the technology: plowing, cultivation, disking, hilling. Most effectively make the preparation in moist soil before processing.

When planting seedlings or saplings, soaked in a solution of the root system of a preparation or make it with irrigation water.

Annual use of the preparation «Entocide» contributes to a significant reduction in the amount of soil pests.

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