Enzymatic preparation containing a complex of pectolitic enzymes, endo - and exopolygalacturonase promoting the destruction of plant cell membranes.

The preparation is applied in the food, juice industry in the production and concentration of juices and also in winemaking. It is effective at processing of raw materials with high content of pectin.

Wine material treated with this enzymatic preparation is filtered 2-3 times faster than control one. Wine obtained from wort subjected to enzymatic processing have increased resistance against protein turbidity, typical varietal aroma.

The particular interest represents the use of enzymatic preparation during the processing of raw materials with high content of pectin (plums, gooseberries, black currant, quince etc), from which it is practically impossible to get transparent juices. Juice yield is increased on 5-25% depending on the name of the raw material.

Shelf life: 12 months at temperature from +5°C to +15°C.


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