Lipase is the enzyme that belongs to the group of esterases, i.e. enzymes that split up esters to acid and alcohol. The action of esterases covers the esters of monohydric alcohols and lower fatty acids as well as polyhydric alcohols (e.g. glycerol) and high molecular fatty acids.

«Lipolad» is the enzymatic preparation of lipase. It hydrolyzes the ester bonds of fatty acids.

«Lipolad» is produced in 3 types:

For food industry (for baking)
Improves the rheological properties of the dough, increases the volume of bread and improves the crumb structure, makes it lighter.

For medical purposes (as the component of preparations for compensation of missing own enzymes)
Promotes the digestion of fats, eliminates steatorrhea, normalizes the content of total lipids in the blood serum.

For technical purposes (for production of biodiesel)
Allows getting biodiesel without alkaline waste and the high cost of water and energy.


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