Environmental and socio-economic challenges in Ukraine have led to the avalanche-like increase of number of chronic and recurrent infectious, somatic and oncological diseases. The influence of the factors of ionizing radiation, massive and often unbalanced antibiotic therapy has additionally aggravated immunity disorders which cause the development and unfavorable course of most diseases. The increase of cancer diseases is alarming, it is caused by accumulation of large quantity of carcinogenic substances in the environment and by decrease of organism’s immune protection of wide sections of population. Unfortunately, more than a third of cancer patients in Ukraine die already within 1 year after diagnosis, due to late diagnosis and impossibility to conduct a full therapy course. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the antitumor chemotherapy and radiotherapy have additional negative effects on cells of the immune system and blood.

Numerous studies have convincingly shown that violation of the body immunity can significantly influence the efficiency and forecast of the treatment. Therefore, it is quite logical to attempt the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases through the impact on the disturbed immunity using modern medicines called immunomodulators. Recently medicines of biological (natural) origin providing effective and, most importantly, safe impact on the human body are increasingly important among immunomodulators. In recent years only in Europe are realized 7 programs aimed to develop, study and use of drugs of a similar class for the immunity correction. Similar studies are carried out in the USA, Canada, Russia and Japan.

"The medicine has proved its positive action - patients are recovered faster, bear the basic treatment better, the wounds are healed up better and without ugly scars..."

The preparations obtained with the use of modern production technologies take the leading place in the pharmacotherapy immunotherapy. In recent years the original natural preparation «Liasten» appeared in the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine. Preparation is extracted from the cell walls of Lactobacillus Delbrueckii. «Liasten» was developed by the large team of scientists and practitioners, is protected by several patents of Ukraine, is produced by DE «Enzim» (Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsya region, Ukraine).

In the process of development and registration of the preparation «Liasten» were convincingly proved its high effectiveness and safety. In 8 multicenter clinical studies, carried out in the leading scientific and medical institutions of Ukraine, it was established that the preparation «Liasten» possesses marked immunomodulating effect, promotes the normalization of violated indices of immunity, white blood cells, provides additional anti-tumor and antimetastatic effects, shows radioprotective and antioxidant properties, helps the cancer patients to complete the full course of chemotherapy and radiation therapy successfully, increases the duration and quality of their life. «Liasten» is non-toxic and well responded and has no side effects.

Re purchase of the preparation «Liasten vials №5», please, contact the official distributor «VVS-LTD».

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