Enzymatic preparation containing in its composition endo-1.4β-xylanase. It is intended for hydrolysis of non-starched polysaccharides of feed - arabinoxylans and pentosans in the diets for agricultural animals and poultry. The product shows its maximum efficiency in the diets on the basis of wheat, oats and wheat bran.

Norm of the product’s application: 300-500 g/t of feed.

When used as a part of feeds that will be granulated or when you use the grain of a new harvest it is necessary to increase the dosage on 15-20%.




Application of the preparation:

  • allows to increase the feed exchange energy on 5-7%;
  • increases the assimilation of amino acids on 2-5%;
  • allows to improve veterinary indexes in the poultry-house due to dry litter;
  • increases the safety of the young animals and poultry due to the reduction of negative impact of anti-nutritional factors in feed;
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