The preparation «Coloradocid» is used for protection of agricultural, forest and medicinal herbs from pests: Colorado beetle (larvae of I-III age), red spiders, cabbage caterpillars, cudweed, cabbage , diamond-back moth, tabby, apple and fruit moth, leaf-roller moth, silkworms, winter moth, beet webworm and other pests.

The preparation contains the bacterial spores and Δ-endotoxin of culture Bacillus thuringiensis, thermostable β-exotoxin, inert fillers which provide the safety, moistening and stability of the preparation.

The active substance is spores and crystals of Δ-endotoxin, β-exotoxin of culture Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Thuringiensis.

Mechanism of action:
The preparation possesses the binary action. Δ-endotoxin is activated in the intestines and causes its dysfunction. β-exotoxin reparation suppresses RNA synthesis in the cells of insects. As a result of preparation action, in sublethal doses also, metamorphoses is violated, digestion process is inhibited, fecundity of females and viability of next generations are reduced.The mass death of insects occurs on 2-5th day.

Advantages of the preparation before chemical insecticides:

  • safe for people, warm-blooded animals, birds, fishes, bees and environment (4 class of harmfulness);
  • exceptional selective action: only those insects are injured which have specific functions of digestion;
  • guarantee of receiving of ecologically safe products;
  • is not accumulated in plants and soil;
  • does not influence the taste and color of the treated plants;
  • possibility of use in any phase of plants development;
  • rapid decomposition of active substance, it allows to conduct the treatment shortly before harvesting;
  • absence of resistance (adaptation) of insects to the preparation, as a result the norm of application remains without changes.
Application rate of the preparation «Coloradocid»:
CulturePestApplication rate
Cabbage and other vegetables Cabbage white butterfly, cabbage cutworm, diamond-back moth, tabby, beet webworm. 1-2 kg/hectare
Potato, tomato, aubergine, pepper Colorado beetle (larva I-III age). 2-3 kg/hectare
Fruits and berries Apple and fruit moth, American white butterfly, codling moth, silkworm, winter moth, browntail. 2-3 kg/hectare
Vine Grape-berry moth. 6-8 kg/hectare
Cucumbers in a hothouse Red spiders. 8-10 kg/hectare

The maximum protective effect from the use of preparation is achieved at treatment of plants in the early terms of pests development (I-III). The optimum temperature of air is 18-30°С.

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