«Coccilad» is prescribed for prevention and treatment of eimeria of pigs and poultry. For broiler chickens the preparation is applied from the first day of life and is excluded from the diet 5 days before slaughter. For chickens the preparation is used from the first day of life during 15 - 16 weeks. For pigs and poultry Coccilad is applied at the rate of 0.5 kg per 1 ton of feed by step mixing.

The preparation is active against all types of eimeria that parasitize on poultry, including E. acervulina, E. mivati, E. maxima, E. necatrix, E. brunetti, Eimeria tenella, E. mitis, E. praecox, in turkeys - coccidiosis caused by infection of E. adenoides, E. meleagrimitis, in geese and ducks - coccidiosis caused by infection of E. anseris, E. truncata, pigs - E. debliecki, E. guevardi, E. neodebliecki, E. perminuta. E. polita, E. porsi, E. romaniae, E. scabra, E. spinosa, E. scrofae.

With oral introduction the sodium salinomycine is practically not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and makes its effect in the mucous and submucous membranes. The main part of the preparation (97%) is excreted mainly with feces unchanged during 3 - 4 days and in laying poultry hens - in small amounts with eggs.

At recommended doses the side effects of the preparation were not found. «Coccilad» can be used in farmings for two years without reducing the effectiveness and the emergence of Eimeria resistant strains. The substitution (rotation) of the preparation with other antiparasitic medicines (amprolium, toltrasuril) allows to use it for a long time. «Coccilad» is incompatible with tiamulin and kithasamycin. It is prohibited to use the preparation for laying hens during the egglaying period, for turkeys, breeding poultry, horses and ruminants. Slaughter of pigs and poultry for meat is permitted not earlier than 5 days after the last introduction of the preparation. Meat from animals slaughtered before the deadline may be used to feed animals or for the production of meat-bone meal.

When working with the preparation the personal hygiene and safety rules should be observed.

«Coccilad» is packed in multilayer kraft bags with polyethylene liner of 20 kg. Terms and storage conditions - 24 months from date of manufacture in original container at 0-25°C.

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