Invertase ENZIM

Enzyme for the preparation of invert syrup (invert sugar, glucose-fructose syrup).

Splits sucrose into components: monosaccharide, glucose and fructose, into the form accessible  for absorption by bees; the artificially prepared carbohydrate feed for bees, which, in terms of usefulness and nutritional value, is similar to natural honey.

Using such methods of preparation of invert syrups as heating of sugar syrup with citric acid and inversion of sugar syrup by honey, do not give such results as fermented syrup in beekeeping.




In addition, these methods have a number of main disadvantages:

  • The formation of harmful substances for bees, such as oxymethylfurfural.
  • Possibility of transferring diseases to healthy families.

Advantages of using the invertase enzyme

  • Splits in 50% sugar syrup from 70% to 90% of sucrose.
  • Inverted syrup does not crystallize in the honeycomb.
  • It alleviates digestive processes and does not deplete the bee at digesting "pure" sugar syrup.
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