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The history beginning of the plant of enzymatic and biological products «Enzim» was laid by the Decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Cabinet of Ministers №664 dated August 8, 1970 on the construction of a Ladyzhyn plant for the production of enzymes by microbiological synthesis for the needs of various industries.

The start-up of the 1st stage of the plant was in January 1971. The start-up of the 2nd stage was in December 1981. The plant "Enzim" was a multiple winner of socialist competitions in the region and Glavmikrobioprom of the USSR.

The need to build such production was conditioned due to the rapid growth of detergents consumption, the progressive development of various sectors of the economy, particularly alcohol and food industries, as well as the introduction of new advanced methods of animals feeding with the help of enzymes, which significantly increases the economic performance in the production of meat and other components.

The main purpose of the plant (at the initial stage) is the production of enzymes for additives (bioadditives) in the production of detergents. The production capacity for this type of products is up to 3,800 tons per year of the alkaline protease, which covers 50-60% of the needs of the Soviet Union in detergents with bioadditives.

In parallel with the development of alkaline protease production more than 19 new technologies for other products of microbiological synthesis of a wide range of applications were put on production. So the total capacity of the plant was more than 4500 tons of commodities of various enzymes and other biologically active agents. Over 2500 people worked on the plant with high educational qualifications: in connection with the specifics of work with micro-organisms in the plant the number of engineers (engineering and technical personnel) amounted to 300 people, and in the production of enzymes and labs employing more than 100 engineers-microbiologists, technologists, biochemists.

In the 1st half of 1983-1984 for achieving of high performance in socialist competition "For the improvement of production efficiency and quality of work between the industrial enterprises of the region," the plant was awarded 1st place with the presentation of the Red Flag of the Vinnitsa Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the executive committee of the Regional Council of People's Deputies, the Regional Council of Trade Unions and the Regional Committee of the Komsomol of Ukraine.

For the successful execution of planned targets and socialist obligations in the 3d quarter of 1984 the plant was awarded 1st place with presentation of the Red Flag of the Central Committee and Glavmikrobioprom and Central Committee of Trade Unions of chemical and petrochemical industries.

In the former USSR «Enzim» was the major producer of enzyms. Throughout the former Soviet Union territory there is no plant with extensive practical experience in the field of microbial synthesis. The company is staffed by experts of the highest class in microbial synthesis biotechnology.

The main task of our activity we see in the manufacture of high-quality, innovative and safe bioproducts, creating a reputation of a reliable and stable partner, both in the domestic and international market.

For now we are ready to meet the needs of Ukrainian and foreign consumers in high, modern products produced by microbial synthesis.

Produced by our plant products are registered in the prescribed manner and provided with all the necessary permits for production and sales.

We are always ready to cooperate. All your questions relating to the products produced by us, you will get the answers and recommendations. We are ready to hear your opinion about them, whatever it may be.

Our specialists provide consulting services for all the preparations that we produce. If necessary we render practical help to assess the efficacy of the preparations.


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