Preparation is intended for the catalysis of glucose oxidation by molecular oxygen with the formation of hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid.

Hydrogen peroxide, which is formed during the reaction, oxidizes in turn SH-groups of protein of dough with the formation of S-S bonds, which strengthens the rheological properties of the dough, increases gas-retaining ability of the dough. Combined introduction of glucose oxidase and ascorbic acid makes the synergy of oxidative action. «Glucoseoxidase» also promotes the formation of arabinoxylan’s cross-connections. The gel continuous structure is formed which increases the hydration and water absorbing properties of the dough.

In food industry it is used to improve the oxidative action, for the production of the dry gluten from feed wheat with the weak gluten in order to strengthen it.

In the manufacture of dry egg products the glucose oxidase is used for the leaching of egg protein.

Advantages of the preparation:

  • the strengthening of gluten properties;
  • the increase of the water absorbing properties of the dough;
  • the improvement of physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the quality of the finished products.


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