It is liquid concentrated highly active preparation. Its basis is the enzyme glucoamylase which hydrolises α-1.4 and α-1,6 starch bonds, dextrins and oligоsugars with the formation of glucose for its further consumption by yeast.

The optimal conditions for the action of «Glucolad» are: pH 4,5-6,5 and temperature 30-60°C. «Glucolad» is recommended for starch saccharification at any schemes of cooking.

The application rate of the preparation is: at high-temperature scheme of cooking - 0,6-0,8 l/ton of conditional starch, at low-temperature scheme of cooking - 0,9-1,2 l/ton of conditional starch.

Shelf life: 12 months at temperature from + 5°C to + 15°C.


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