«Gaubsin» is the microbiological preparation of complex action which was created on the basis of two advanced strains LZ5 and LZ8 of bacterium Pseudomonas aureofaciens, it reveals antimicrobial, antifungal, entomopathogenic and growth stimulant action, and intended for protection of fruit and agricultural cultures from diseasses and pests. The preparation “Gaubsin” is the native culture broth with the cell titre 5x109 CFU, it is characterized by the high level of biological activity during three months of storage.

The preparation destroys not only the diseases pathogenic organisms and supresses their development but also makes the therapeutic action on plants.




Application advantages of «Gaubsin»:

  • «Gaubsin» can be applied in any phase of plants development from shoots to ripening. The preparation is applied for protection of field, vegetable, cucurbitaceous cultures, vineyards, fruit, park and forest planting, and also in floriculture and in the conditions of the closed soil.
  • The preparation supresses 94-96% the development of practically all diseasses that are caused by fungi: oidium, mildew, blackspot, grey rot, powdery mildew, ascochitosis, verticilliose, leaf blotch, blight, perenosporosis, covered smut etc. The preparation also supresses the action of virus diseases effectively; here its efficiency against the tobacco mosaic can be 80-97%.
  • The preparation is highly effective against the larvae of codling moth and other pests, the preparation destroys 94% of larvae (1-5 generation). Also «Gaubsin» proved to be the effective preparation against such pests as plant louse, leaf-roller moth, carpet, pyralid, seedworm etc.
  • During the vegetation the preparation reveals also the growth stimulating action, as a result the plants resistance raises to powdery mildew on grain-crops, late blight of potato, late blight and macrosporiosis of tomatoes, and it promotes the productivity increase of the indicated cultures on 14-70%.
  • «Gaubsin» suspends the growth of ice forming bacteria Pseudomonas syringae pv., by this protecting plants from damages at freezing.
  • The preparation does not cause the resistance to pests and pathogenic organisms that is why in course of time there is no need to increase the norm of preparation use.
  • The preparation does not have the harmful influence on the environment, people, warm-blooded animals, fishes, bees and other useful organisms of biocenosis, and also it is not phytotoxic for cultivated and wild plants.
  • The plants are sprayed by the preparation at first sign of disease, during the vegetation 2-4 sprayings are carried out with the consumption rate of working solution 250-1200 l/ha.

The preparation «Gaubsin» is compatible with insecticides, herbicides, biological products, fertilizers and chemical fungicides, exept those containing copper and mercury.

It reveals synergetic action with preparations «Phytodoctor», «Trihodermin», «Actarophyt» and «Coloradocid», the application rate in mixture with them can be reduced.

Before the addition of the preparation in the working solution, it should be thoroughly shaken, and it is recommended to pass it through the strainer.

«Gaubsin» application technology
Cultures Period of treatment, phases of plants development Norm of application l/ha Harmful organisms
Diseases Pests
Grains: wheat, barley, rye, sunflower Treatment of seed 1-2 l/t Rust, smut, shoots rot, seed molding, ascochitosis, blight of ear, powdery mildew, perenosporosis, linear blotch. Cereal bug, wheat thrips, corn-bug, pyralid, sunflower capricorn.
Spraying on vegetation (for grain-crops in the phase of tube forming) 2-5 l/ha
Gardens: apple, plum, peaches, apricots, quince, cherries etc. 1 Green cone
2 Budding
3 Blossom
4 In 15 days
5 In 10-12 days
6 Before harvesting
5-10 l/ha Moniliosis, curliness of leaves, white blotch, scab, powdery mildew, fruit rots, cocomycosis of cherry, black cancer, leaf hole blotch. Snout beetles, brant, moth, cherry fly, caterpillars, brown tick, black and red louse, apple and fruit moth.
Vine 1 Brealing of buds
2 Before blossom
3 After blossom
4 In 10-14 days
5 In 10-14 after three treatments
6 Before harvesting
5-10 l/ha Mildew, oidium or powdery mildew, anthracnose, foxiness black rot, white rot, grey rot. Scarred snout beetles, grape-berry moth, leaf-roller moth.
Berry cultures: currant, gooseberry, raspberry, wild strawberry, strawberry, sea-buckthorn 1 Before blossom
2 After blossom
3 In 10 – 14 days
4 In 10 – 14 days after three treatments
6 l/ha Powdery mildew, columnar rust, curliness of leaves, grey rot, chlorosis, mosaic of raspberry. Currant gemmaceous tick, currant moth, leaf midge, berry sawyer, plant louse, narrow-leaved borer, leaf-roller moth, strawberry bloody nosed beetle.
Vegetables Soakage of seed during 2-3 hours 3 l/ha Powdery mildew, anthracnose, vascular wilt, bacteriosis, leaf blotch, bacterial cancer, black leg, macrosporiosis, curliness of leaves, black mould. Seedling fly, water-melon plant louse, onion tick, onion moth, carrot fly, cucumber mosquito
1 At appearance of the third leaf
2 Before blossom
3 In 10-14 days
4 At ripening
5 If necessary
5 l/ha

Storage rules of the preparation:
Keep the preparation at temperature from +2°С to +15°С in dark, protected from the direct sunlight place, separately from pesticides.

Shelf life of the preparation: 3 months, working solution – 1 day.

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