«Entocide» - the latest biotech preparation for the control of soil pests: mole cricket, wireworms, the larvae and adults of May and the Colorado potato beetle.

Active preparation effective framework constitutes of the several starins of high-virulent entomopathogenic fungi.

The spores of the fungus in the soil in contact with the body of the pest through 12:00 germinate and infect the adipose tissue, intestinal tract, paralyzing the nervous system, muscle and respiratory system. As a result of the pest dies and becomes a source for the fungus and other soil microflora. Total loss occurs within 40 - 120 hours depending on the age of the larvae or adults.

Features of use:
«Entocide» applied to the soil in any way possible: by mixing the fertilizer in solution with irrigation water, spraying the soil.

Recommended to use the preparation in the fall or spring, especially during heavy rains fall. After making the soil preparation is processed in accordance with the technology: plowing, cultivation, disking, hilling. Most effectively make the preparation in moist soil before processing.

When planting seedlings or saplings, soaked in a solution of the root system of a preparation or make it with irrigation water.

Annual use of the preparation «Entocide» contributes to a significant reduction in the amount of soil pests.

The rate of application of the preparation «Entocide» depends on the population of ground pests and is 5-7 l/ha. Standard working solution 200-250 l/ha.

Soaking seedlings - 10-20g / 10 liters of water, 2 hours.

Safety rules:
Safe for humans, animals, earthworms, and therefore use of the preparation does not require special safety measures.

The product is compatible with biological products, growth regulators, insecticides and fertilizers; not compatible with fungicides.

Terms of storage of the preparation:
Store this medication «Entocide» should be in a cool dry place at temperatures between 5°C to +20°C, away from food and medicines out of reach of children and pets. Keeping a working solution for more than 3 hours is not allowed.

Shelf life: 6 months.

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