Destructor of oil pollutions DOP

Ladyzhyn plant of microbiological syntesis preparations «Enzim» produces complex biopreparation-destructor of oil pollutions DOP, which is applied in the CIS since 1992. (previously Devoroil, Dinal®) and serves for the rehabilitation of the environment affected by oil spills and related technogenic factors (formation of salts, heavy metals, radionuclides, cleansing and drilling fluids).

The preparation DOP intensifies 5-10 times the natural processes of decomposition (assimilation, recycling) of hydrocarbon pollutants and related salts, promotes detoxification and bioremediation of environment.

The effectiveness of the preparation DOP autonomously and in developed biotechnology is confirmed by the results of large-scale (4000-8000 t) and pilot works in Ukraine and Russian Federation for elimination of emergency spills of oil/gas oil on soil and water bodies, oil-storage pits, oil removers: on the objects of OJSC "Ukrnafta" (NGDU "Ahtyrkaneftegas", "Poltavaneftegas", "Dolynaneftegas", "Chernigovneftegas"), in the Sumy region, Poltava region, Ivano-Frankovsk region, Donetsk region, Kiev region and Russian Federation (Khanty-Mansi AO (Talinskoye m/p), JSC "Permneft" (Kokujskoye m/p), "Bashneft" (NGDU "Тuymazyneft"), "Udmurdneft" and others).

The preparation DOP in Ukraine is produced according to TC U 24.1-32813696-006:2006, has the sanitary-epidemiological expertise of Ministry of health of Ukraine and the conclusion of the profile scientific research institutes, operating and patented technologies of application and comprehensive environmental control (structural-group composition and molecular-mass distribution of hydrocarbons, biochemical and microbiological control etc). In case of using DOP for the elimination of old oil pollutions, barns and other oily waste (1,2,3,4 hazard classes) the preparation DOP in Ukraine is used in technologies with the License of the Ministry of natural resources of Ukraine.

The preparation DOP is produced in sterile conditions on special microbiological equipment and has 5 (five) main commodity forms: culture liquid, powder, three basic forms immobilized on the inert carriers of the ecological spectrum (humidity is not more than 15%; titre is not less than 1,0•108 cells/ml; shelf life - 6; 12 months accordingly while maintaining properties for 39 months). During the production of DOP the following parameters are taken into account: diverse etiology (origin), the structural-group and the homological composition of hydrocarbons, the region, the volume and age of oil pollution and others.

Composition: the base for the preparation of DOP is the specially selected and highly efficient association of natural strains of hydrocarbon oxidizing microflora and ecologically viable organo-mineral compounds, including macro- and microelements.

In complex or unusual cases the application of DОР is carried out with the author or ecological-technological support, which allows the Customer to solve questions of biodegradation of oil pollutions and bioutilization of oil-slime (old spills, oxidized and heavy fractions of hydrocarbons, oil-waste of 1-4 classes of danger, temperature ranges) and deliver projects (territories) of the controlling agencies (Ministry of ecology, Ministry of health and Ministry of agroindustrial complex). The current technological work includes the complex of environmental control (state, industry, production) and agreed independent ecological expertise.

The preparation DOP has several significant advantages as compared with known preparations in Russia: «Putidoil», «Olevorin», «Naftox», «Uni-rem», «Roder», «Rodotrin», «Centrin», «Pseudomin», «Destroil», «Bacispecin», «Micromicet», «Leader», «Valentis», «Devoroil», in Belarus - «Rodobel», «Rodobel-Т», in Ukraine - «Desna», «Ecolan», «Econadin», «Bars», «Rodex», «Consortium of microorganisms», «Simbinal», «Pearls» and others which consist of primarily 1-2 strains of hydrocarbon oxidizing microflora in the amount up to 10-100 g of cultural liquid per 1 kg of the product, and which are immobilized on the same media (charcoal, peat, perlite, river sand, vermiculite, etc., with additives of chicken manure, sawdust, chalk, lime, nitrogen-phosphorus agricultural fertilizers).

The use range of the preparation:

  • the liquidation of emergency spills of oil and oil products in soils, water bodies, water areas, road, concrete and metal surfaces;
  • the disinfection of water bodies from crude oil and almost all types of fuels (emergency spills, sewage and ballast waters);
  • the cleaning of oil down tanks, cistern and tankers;
  • the destruction of surface hydro carbonic film in drilling and slime barns;
  • the cleaning of territories and drains of air-ports, military bases, rail depot, washing and filling stations;
  • the biodestruction of production pollutions of the petroleum storage depots and filling stations (oil removers, spills on territories, the pollution of technological equipment);
  • the bioutilization of oil wastes (barns, oil settling tanks);
  • the bioremedition ("treatment", recovery) of the technogeneous damaged soils to standard agrobiochemical, microbiological and phytocharacteristics.

The advantages of the preparation:

  • DOP of I gr. (powder, culture liquid (CL)) is the pure living biomass of hydrocarbon oxidizing microflora that's grown in sterile conditions with a titer of at least 1,0х108 cells/g (cells/ml) and stored for at least 12 months (CL - 6 months). In the process of production the microbial association goes through the series of adaptive modifications that additionally increases efficiency and expands the range of actions.
  • The peculiarity of all forms and especially immobilized forms (3 basic and DOP-universal) is that they were developed on the basis of practical experience of work in the oil fields of Ukraine and Russian Federation (1992) with regard to the possibility of year-round use (seasons, composition of oil /sludge, temperature changes (from -50°C +50°C) for the elimination (neutralization, biodestruction) of various oil pollution in water bodies (surface, bottom sediments, "chocolate mousse", coastline) and in soil (including localization of contamination with the creation of biosorbtion screen to prevent the ingress of pollutants in groundwater).
  • Commodity form "DOP - remediator" (3d basic form) was developed for full recovery of technogenic soils (agrobiochemical, microbiological and phenological characteristics) as type of "green lawn". The difference of the immobilized forms of DOP (DOP of II gr.) is that the sorbents complex (including peat), ameliorants, aerators and other are used in the form of inert media that allows solving fully the existing problems.
  • The preparation includes the natural strains of microflora having the temperature range of viability -50 +50°C and the temperature optimum of +1°С to +40°C.
  • DOP is resistant to sharp fluctuations of temperatures, so it can be used all the year-round.
  • DOP is active at the significant chemical and salt pollution - up to 200-300 g/dm3 with their subsequent decreasing up to maximum concentration limits and regulation of the pH to 6.4-7.5.
  • It is highly effective for the destruction of hydrocarbons C6-C30 and in the technologies -C5-C42, i.e. it destructs to ecologically safe connections (monoolefins, aliphatic fatty acids, pyrocatechin, protocathechuic acid etc) various types of hydrocarbons - paraffins, mazut, diesel fuel, phenol, benzene, resins, asphaltenes, aromatic hydrocarbons (alkyl benzene,,naphthalenes, anthracenes, pyrens, chrysens, indans, fluorenes, phenantrens, benzynpirens, perylenes etc). Identification, dynamics of biodegradation and environmental safety is determined by the methods of infrared or mass spectrometry (structural-group and homological structure, molecular mass distribution of alkyl benzenes etc) - in case of their absence in the NTD of the Customer.
  • Effective in pH range from 3.5 to 10.5.
  • If you add DOP immediately at emergency spills of petroleum products and crude oil the instantaneous localization and biocatalystic transformation of pollution occurs, this minimizes the consequences, prevents the ingress of pollutants in the atmosphere and underground water, prevents soil toxicosis, changes of agrobiochemical characteristics of soil and hydrological parameters of water reservoirs (improvement of aeration of water/soil maintenance of the natural microflora, the regulation of the pH, the ratio of BOC5/BOC20 and LCB/FCB etc).
  • DOP is harmless to humans, flora and fauna, has no medical, hygienic, toxicological and ecological contraindications (has no skin resorption influence, no cumulative effect, does not have immunotoxic, including allergenic action).
  • DOP promotes the processes of self-purification, the products of biodegradation are environmentally friendly and are the basis for the formation of bottom silt, humus etc. The products of destruction and metabolism have positive influence on growth, development and fertility of freshwater and marine invertebrates.
  • After applying of the preparation it is not required to do the additional treatment (disinfection, detoxification) of the surface as, for example, after using chemical coagulants, flocculants, surfactants (FeSO4, Al2 (SO4), KMTS, TM-90, phosphogypsum, active silicic acid, cationites K-4, K-6, VA-2 and others), which often have enough fast but uncontrolled and unpredictable consequences.
  • In complex or non-standard cases the adapted technological schemes of DOP application in natural (commercial) conditions are developed and the composition of DOP in the production stage is adjusted. For the elimination of large (from 5-1000 to 7000-10000 tons and more) old objects (from 5-15 up to 35-45 years) the pilot work (1-50m3) are executed on the contractual basis with the subsequent extrapolation (scaling) of the obtained results. The price of the preparation DOP is optimal in terms of efficiency, range of action, terms of achieving the result, the number of microorganisms in 1 gram (titre) and terms of storage.

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