Biovit L

«Biovit L» is a feed antibiotic used as a treatment-preventive preparation for the growing and fattening of animals and poultry.

The preparation has a wide range of action on pathogenic microflora.

The active substance is antibiotic chlortetracycline.

«Biovit L» contains 4.8 or 12% of chlortetracycline, up to 35-40% of proteins, 8-10% of fat, valuable biologically active substances-enzymes, vitamins (including vitamin B from 4 up to 16 mg/kg) possessing growth stimulating properties. Getting with Biovit L into digestive tract, chlortetracycline is sucked in by the blood, penetrates into the organs and tissues of animals where it suppresses pathogenic microflora.

Chlortetracycline violates the protein synthesis of micro-organisms.



Product’s advantages:

  • prevents and cures the following diseases: pasteurillosis, colibacterillosis, salmonellosis, bronchopneumonia, gasteroenterocolitis (bacterial aetiology), colisepticemia, leptospirosis, necrobacteriosis and others;
  • improves the metabolism;
  • improves feed digestion;
  • strengthens the animals and poultry’s resistance to gastro-enteric infections;
  • increases the safety of young.

At product’s application:

  • the average daily weight gain of young animals increases on 6-9%;
  • the average daily weight gain of pigs at growing and fattening increases up to 11%;
  • the poultry industry the average daily weight gain increases on 3-6 %;
  • egg laying of hens increases on 2-5%;
  • the feed consumption per unit of weight gain is reduced on 4-10%.

It is used as treatment-and-prophylactic mean at growing and fattening of calves, piglets, fur-bearing animals, dogs, young poultry with the purpose to improve the metabolism, to increase the rate of feed intake, to activate the resistance, to increase the safety of livestock.

Application rate of the preparation in the feed (g/t):
Kind of animal, age Biovit L
Calves 1-6 months 625
Suckling piglets 625
Piglets of early weaning 375
Piglets 2-4 months 250
Young sheep 375
Sheep on fattening 250
Chickens: 1-30 days 500
Chickens: 31-60 days 375
Young hens 61-90 days 250
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