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Nitrogen-fixing bacterial inoculum - the most famous and popular product in the world to provide high-quality nitrogen nutrition of legumes. Constitute the basis of inoculum nodule bacteria of the genus Rhizobium. Legumes are capable of active nitrogen-fixing symbiosis with the presence in the root zone of these bacteria. Produced during symbiotic nitrogen supplied to the plant evenly throughout the ousia of vegetation, and during the flowering and ripening of beans - as much as possible.

Action inoculants for legumes line «Biomag» is based on the ability of beneficial microorganisms contained in it, to absorb nitrogen from the air and convert it into forms available to plants, due to symbiotic relationships with plants provide them with cheap non-polluting nitrogen to form a more developed root system synthesize growth-stimulating substances to inhibit the growth of phytopathogenic microflora - plant pathogens due to competitive dominance.

Preparation «Biomag-NUT» - yellow liquid with a specific smell of yeast nutrient medium is a liquid mixture of concentrated living nitrogen-fixing root nodule bacteria Mesorhizobium ciceri strain LZ with a titer of 2.5•109 CFU, and the products of their metabolism (plant hormones, Chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins).

The range of inoculants for legumes «Biomag» - environmentally friendly biological agents, harmless to humans, animals, birds and bees. Biological promote healthier soils and reduce the harmful effects of nitrates, which accumulate as a result of not regulated application of mineral nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria, developing in the rhizosphere of legumes, enrich the soil with biological nitrogen and additionally produce growth stimulating substances. Also, "Biomag" allows you to increase the utilization of plant nitrogen fertilizer.

Preparations «Biomag» for legumes are used for pre-inoculation of legumes by mechanized (machines for seed treatment of PS-10 or mixers) or manual processing of seed. Due stabilizers in solution bacterization seeds may be carried out for 5-7 days before sowing.

Terms of Use of drugs ruler «Biomag» for legumes - 300-400 mL per hectare rate of seeds. Working solution for seed treatment are prepared in a ratio of 1:5. For a better application of inoculum on the surface of the seeds in a preparation containing a biological adhesive.

Оброблене препаратом насіння має бути захищеним від попадання прямого сонячного проміння для збереження життєздатності бактерій, та має бути висіяним у падготовленний грнут протягом 7 діб.

The treated seeds preparation should be protected from direct sunlight to preserve the viability of the bacteria, and can be sown in padgotovlenny grnut for 7 days.

Regardless of the method bacterization after seed treatment, it may be necessary to dry to avoid reducing the seeding rate.

Before adding preparation working solution and stir recommended pass it through a strainer.

Compatible peraratu «Biomag» for legumes:
The preparations has a synergistic effect with biopreparatmy «Biofosforin», «Gaubsin» ruler microfertilizers «Harvest», plant growth stimulants, and is compatible with insecticides. If necessary, the use of fungicides can be combined in a mixture with fungicides Vitavaks 200 FF v.s.k., fundazol 50% zp ..

The advantages of using nitrogen-fixing root nodule «Biomag» bean:

  • increases the yield of leguminous plants 15-30%;
  • improves the assimilation of macro- and micronutrients from the soil;
  • restores and enhances soil fertility, enriching them with cheap atmospheric nitrogen without additional mineral N fertilizer application;
  • a positive effect on the yield of subsequent crops in the rotation;
  • saturates the soil rhizobia, specific only for soybeans and necessary for its proper growth and development;
  • improved quality of farmed products, increases the content of protein, vitamins and carbohydrates;
  • increases the resistance of plants to disease;
  • is not washed in from the soil.

Terms of storage of the preparation:
Preparation store at temperatures between +5°C to +15°C in a dark, protected from direct sunlight, separately from pesticides. Increasing the temperature during storage reduces the shelf life of the drug. Do not store the working solution more than 5 hours.

Shelf life: – 6 months.

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