The preparation «Biomag» is biotechnological preparation with prolonged action that improves nitrogenous nutrition of plants, stimulates the root system growth and prevents plant diseases.

The preparation «Biomag» consists of living cells of the bacteria Azotobacter choococcum of the improved strai LZ 14 with a titer from 2,5•109 CFU and products of their metabolism (phytohormones, biofungicides, antibiotics, aminoacids, vitamins).

The preparation is used for presowing treatment of seeds, seedlings, redical nutrition of crops, industrial, vegetables, fruits and berries cultures and house plants, as well as improvement of soil fertility. The bacteria Azotobacter chroococcum refer to the genus of aerobic free-living soil bacteria that actively fix air nitrogen.

At their decomposition the accessible for plantsnutrient nutrients are formed in the soilfootwall. Depending on soil-climatic conditions the volumeCU of nitrogen fixing can reach from 10 to 45 kg/hectare.

The development of bacteria A.сrhoococcum in soil occurs in the range from +100C to 450C, however, the optimum temperature of nitrogen fixation is in the range 20-30°C for central and northern regions of Ukraine and 35-400C for southern ones.

The bacteriabackterium of the preparation «Biomag» are developed effectively in moisthumid soilsfootwall (60-70%) with the reaction of soil solution рН 4,8-8,0.

The high efficiency of seeds treatment by «Biomag» is markednote on nitrogen poor soilsfootwall of lightlight mechanicalpower-operated composition.

The favourableauspicious effectact of «Biomag» on plants is conditioned by two factors: its ability to assimilate molecular nitrogen from air and to synthesize different bioactive substances like phytohormones of the auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin raws, antibiotics, vitamins of group B, organicorgano acidsprotophobe and amino acids.

The combination of the preparation «Biomag» with trace elements “Urozhay“ at treatment of seeds increasesraise the efficiency of nitrogen-fixing organisms, as well as the productivity and quality of agricultural productsproduction.

The high efficiency of application of nitrogen fixer «Biomag» is established in the mixed culture with the preparations “Biophosphorin” and “Celulad” in the mediumsWednesday with high content of cellulose which isappear the important sourcespring of carbonCarboneum.

The combination of «Biomag» with “Biophosphorin” and “PhytoDoctor” at the applicationpayment in soilfootwall before sowing promotes the increaserise of the productivity, sugar content and the improvement of chemicalchinagraph composition of sugar beets.

The latest researches of scientists of the sphere of microbiology and virology showed that A. chroococcum synthesizes substances which show the antagonism to the phytopathogenic fungi of genus Fusarium, Alternaria, Penicillum and other, and also partial antiviral and antibacterial effect is marked.

«Biomag» is environment friendly biological preparation, safe for people, animals, birds and bees.

It is important to remember that the application of high-dose (from 30 kg of a.s./ha) of mineral nitrogen in the soil affects the degradation of all kinds of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, as a result, they gradually stop the process of nitrogen fixation.

Recommendations on application:

  • the treatment of seeds (seedling) by the preparation is necessary to carry out three days before the sowing or before planting of seedling;
  • the treated seeds and seedling must be savedstore from the direct sunlight and heatingburn-in higher than 25$°С.
Treatment process and dosage of preparation
A method for processing Rate of application of the suspension
Processing of seeds of grain and leguminous crops 0,5-2,0 l/t
Spraying the soil before sowing of the agricultural crop sprayer 1,0-1,5 l/ha (working solution flow rate of 300-500 l/ha)
Spraying of agricultural crops growing season (winter wheat, spring barley, sugar beet, vegetables and others.) l/ha (flow rate of the working solution 250-300 l/ha)

Preparation of working solution:

  • Before adding a preparation to the working solution is recommended content should be carefully shake well and pass through a strainer.
  • For seed treatment, an aqueous solution at 10 l/ton of seed. Primarily, the solution in the chemical components are introduced, the latter made biological components. Seeds and planting material is treated in the shade or under a canopy, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • For spraying the plants during the growing season, the application rate of the working solution - 250-300 l/ha. Drug "Biomag" is compatible with herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers. Not only is compatible with chemical fungicides.
  • Processing plants to carry out a minimum of solar activity periods (morning, evening, night, rain).

Working solution for seed treatment must be used within 3 hours.

The working solution is stored in the shade or under a canopy, avoiding direct sunlight.

Terms of storage of the preparation:
Store at temperatures between +5°C to +25°C in a dark, protected from direct sunlight, separately from pesticides.

Shelf life: 6 months.

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