«Aktarofit» - the new biotechnological insecticide-acaricide contact action to destroy pests, ornamental, forest and fruit crops.

Acting formulation basis is a complex of natural avermectins produced beneficial soil fungus Streptomyces avermitilis - complex of avermectines of B1 and B2 group, at a concentration of 0.2%. Avermectins - a strong specific neurotoxins, which penetrates into the body of insect intestinal or by contact irreversibly affect their nervous system. As a result of paralysis and insects die.

«Aktarofit» is an effective tool in the fight against Colorado potato beetle, aphids, thrips, cabbage, scoops, moth, mites, codling moth, leaf-mining moth and other pests.

The first signs of the preparation - a power failure observed after 6-8 hours of leaf-eating and after 12-16 hours for sisuchih pests. Mass death occurs 2-3 days after treatment, and the maximum effect is achieved at 5-7 days. The protective effect of the preparation lasts for up to 10-20 days.

«Aktarofit» governed by the rules in the non-toxic to popelitsevih ladybirds, spiders, predatory bugs, parasitic Lepidoptera, ants, ground beetles, earthworms.

Ability to degrade rapidly in the avermectin environment prevents their accumulation in seeds, fruits, vegetables and soil. Therefore, «Aktarofit» is used on vegetable and fruit crops for 48 hours before harvest.

Features of use:

  • The preparation is used as the appearance of pests. Spraying of crops or plantations is advantageously carried out in dry, clear, calm weather with low probability of precipitation over the next 8-10 hours. The optimal temperature for making the preparation from + 15°C.
  • Not recommended for treatment during the dew, as well as in hot, sunny weather, as this reduces the effectiveness of the preparation.
  • Before using the product, the contents should be carefully shake!

The preparation «Aktarofit» compatible with agrochemicals and biological products. Shows a synergistic effect with preparations «Gaubsin», «Koloradotsid» and «Baktokulitsid».

Safety measures for the introduction of:
«Aktarofit» 3rd grade toxicity (moderately hazardous substance). You must use personal protective equipment. During operation, do not smoke, drink, eat. After work, wash hands and face with soap and water, rinse your mouth.

The preparation is moderately toxic to bees, so in the processing, it is necessary to carry out the insulation departure bees for 1 day, and the output of personnel allowed in 2 days. Do not allow the preparation in water.

Empty containers must not be used for other purposes, empty into drains, rivers or other bodies of water.

Treatment process and dosing regimen "AKTAROFIT" 0.2% KE
Culture Title pest Preparation consumption, l/ha Costs working solution, l/ha Treatment method and processing time Number of treatments
Cereals: wheat, barley, rye Cereal aphids, thrips, wheat, cereal fly 0,15-0,2 200-300 Spraying as they become pests 1-2
Leech, kuzka beetle, beetle krasun, normal grain scoop (caterpillars age II-III) 0,1-0,15 200-300 1-2
Rape Cruciferous fleas, cabbage aphids 0,15-0,2 200-300 Spraying during budding, and as they become pests 2-3
Rape blossom weevil, skrytnohobotnik (beetles), rapeseed sawfly, cabbage moth, cabbage Bilan 0,1-0,15 1-3
Sunflower Moustache sunflower, sunflower moth 0,15-0,2 200-300 Spraying at least the appearance of pests 1-2
Bean Borer, cutworms, meadow moth, flea beetles, spider mites 0,15-0,2 200-300 Spraying during budding, and as they become pests 1-2
Potato Colorado beetle 0,2–0,3 250-400 Spraying as they become pests 1-2
Cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers covered ground Spider mite 0,2–0,3 1000-2000 Spraying during the growing season at intervals of not less than 20 days 2-3
Peach and melon aphid 0,6-1,0
Tobacco and Californian thrips, Dall. 0,8-1,2
Roses and other ornamentals protected ground Spider mite 0,25-0,35 600-1200 Spraying during the growing season at intervals of not less than 14 days 2-3
Tobacco and western flower thrips, aphids all kinds 0,5-0,8
Cauliflower cabbage and cabbage Repyana, Cabbage Moth 0,2-0,4 300-450 Spraying as of pests 1-2
Grapes, currants Pliers 0,2-0,3 300-500 Spraying as pest 2
Sawyers 0,2-0,25 400-500
Budworm and moth 0,25-0,3
Fruit: apple, pear, cherry Pliers 0,25-0,6 600-1200 Spraying at least the appearance of pests 1-2
Open seating aphids 0,6-0,8
Leaf roller moth, cutworm, codling 0,2-0,3 2-3

Terms of storage of the preparation:
Store this medication «Aktarofit» should be in a cool dry place at a temperature of 0°C to +20°C, away from food and medicines out of reach of children and pets. Keeping a working solution is not allowed.

Shelf life: 24 months.

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