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New biotechnological insekto-acaricide contact action for the destruction of pests of agricultural, ornamental, forest and fruit crops.

Actarophyt© it is an effective tool in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, aphids, thrips, cabbage, scoops, moths, mites, apple moth, mines moths and other pests.

The first signs of the action of the drug - cessation of nutrition are observed after 6-8 hours for leaf-eating and after 12-16 hours for sucking pests. Mass death occurs at 2-3 days after treatment, and the maximum effect is achieved at 5-7 days. The protective effect of the drug lasts up to 10-20 days.

Actarophyt© in regulations, it is non-toxic to cows, spiders, predatory bugs, parasitizing Lepidoptera, ants, ground beetles, and earthworms.

The ability of avermectin to decompose rapidly in the environment prevents their accumulation in seeds, fruits, vegetables and soil. Therefore Actarophyt© used on vegetable and fruit crops for 48 hours before harvesting.

Works great against spider mites on soy. It has an ovicidal effect.

Preparation use:

  •  ● The drug is used as pests appear.
  •  ● Spraying of crops or plantings should be carried out in dry, clear, calm weather with a low probability of precipitation for the next 8-10 hours. The minimum temperature threshold for the effectiveness of the drug: 15 °C.
  •  ● It is not recommended to carry out treatment during dew fallout, as well as in sunny weather, as this reduces the effectiveness of the preparation.
  •  ● Actarophyt© has a 3rd class of safety (moderately safe substance). Personal protective equipment should be used. During work, you can not smoke, drink, eat. After work, wash your face and hands with soap and rinse your mouth.
  •  ● The preparation is moderately toxic to bees, so when processing it is necessary to limit the departure of bees for 1 day. The exit of personnel to the processed areas is allowed in 2 days. Do not hit the drug in water.
  •  ● Empty containers cannot be used for other purposes, they should not be thrown into sewers, rivers or other bodies of water.

Preparation compatibility:

Preparation Actarophyt© compatible with agrochemicals and biological products. Shows a synergistic effect with preparations Gaubsin FORTE, Coloradocide© and Entocid.

Storage rules:

Store the preparation Actarophyt© necessary in a dry cool room at a temperature of from 0 ° C to +25 ° C, separate from food and drugs in places inaccessible to children and animals.

Expiration date: 24 months. Dry form 12 months.

Expiration date of working solution: no more than 3 hours.

Method of treatment and dosage of preparation Actarophyt
culturepest nameconsumption, l/haconsumption of working solution, l/hamethod and time of processingnumber of treatments
Cereals: wheat, barley, ryeGrass aphid, wheat thrips, grass fly0,15-0,30200-300Spraying as pests appear 1-2
Kuzka beetle, demoiselle beetle, common grain scoop (caterpillars II-III age)0,1-0,15200-3001-2
RapeCruciferous flea, cabbage aphid0,2-0,4200-300Spraying during budding and as pests appear2-3
Rapeseed flower beetle, rapeseed sawfly, cabbage scoop, cabbage soup0,15-0,30200-3001-3
Sunflower, sugar beetSunflower barbel, sunflower moth, beet weevil0,15-0,2200-300Spraying as pests appear1-2
LegumesMoths, moths, meadow moth, flea, spider mite0,3-0,6200-300Spraying during budding and as pests appear1-2
PotatoesColorado potato beetle0,15-0,2200-300Spraying as pests appear1-2
Cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, greenhouse pepperSpider mite0,2-0,31000-2000Spraying during the growing season with an interval of at least 20 days2-3
Peach and melon aphid0,6-1,0
Tobacco and California thrips, whitefly0,8-1,2
Roses and other ornamental cultures of protected groundSpider mite0,3-0,5600-1200Spraying during the growing season with an interval of at least 14 days2-3
Tobacco and western flower thrips, all kinds of aphids0,5-0,8600-1200
Cauliflower and white cabbageCabbage and rapeseed belan, cabbage scoop0,3-0,5300-450Spraying as pests appear1-2
Grapes, currantsPliers0,2-0,3300-500Spraying as pests appear2
Leafs and moths0,25-0,3
Fruit: apple, pear, cherry, sweet cherryTicks, leafy fleas0,5-1,01000Spraying as pests appear1-2
Open sitting aphid0,5-1,0
Leaflets, moths, moths, moths0,4-0,92-3
Before adding the drug to the working solution, the content must be thoroughly shaken!