«Adyumax» - surficial adjuvant, a super wetting agent for improvement of covering, deduction and penetration of working solutions on vegetable surfaces, for the purpose of increase of efficiency of means of protection of plants.

Active ingredient: trisiloxane (organsilicone surfactant).

«Adyumax» is recommended to apply to increase the efficiency of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, regulators of growth and microelements on field, fruit and special crops.

Action mechanism: The wax scurf of a plant, covering of pests and even pathogen fungus have the expressed water-repellent properties. It causes runoff of drops of working solution from the object. "Adyumax" provides dense coupling of working solution with object and reduces runoff. Active ingredient of preparation with adjuvant, penetrates into the plant and spreads on a sheet surface 8-16 times better, in comparison with working solution without adjuvant. Thanks to an oily basis and fast adhesion "Adyumaks" provides pesticide resistance to washout by precipitation already in a few minutes after processing, and protects pesticide from losses owing to evaporation, volatility and decay from photodegradation.

The preparation increases action efficiency of products for chemical and especially biological control, for example, of preparations on the basis of Trichoderma spp producers., Bacillus spp., Streptomyces spp., Pseudomonas spp., etc.

When processing seeds, «Adyumax» promotes high-quality preparations’ putting and prevents their falls. It also promotes moisture retention round a seed therefore moisture penetrates quicker into seeds and they germinate quicker.

Application with soil herbicides: it reduces their negative influence on a culture sprout due to keeping of herbicide in the earth top layers and reduction of washing extent.

The preparation allows to reduce norms of pesticides introduction to the minimum recommended. It also allows to reduce the volume of working solution by 15-25% and to increase sprayer speed to 12-15 km/h.

Compatibility: «Adyumax» is compatible in tank mixes with the majority of pesticides, however in case of doubts - to carry out trial mixing. It is desirable to use tank mixes right after preparation.

Consumption rate:

  • 50-100 ml. preparation / 200 l of water/hectare., for field cultures;
  • 150 ml. preparation / 600 - 1000 l of water/hectare., for fruit and berry cultures;
  • 10 ml. a preparation / 10 l of water on 1 t of seeds.

Preparing method: To fill one third of a sprayer tank with water, to add pesticide (microfertilizer), and then to add necessary amount of adjuvant. To fill a sprayer tank with water in full at constant stirring.

Caution: Not to process culture, being in a stress condition (owing to adverse weather conditions, problems of food, preliminary introduction of pesticides, etc.). Not to use «Adyumax» by high temperature and intensive sunlight.

Safety precautions: Preparation «Adyumax» is non-toxic, safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Packaging: 0.5 liters.

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