First-class adsorbent of mycotoxins feed for the most effective solution of mycotoxicosis problems in animal husbandry and poultry farming.

Active sorption of all known mycotoxins.

Stimulation of young growth.


  •  ● For diets of young and adult animals in case of suspected and in the presence of mycotoxins in the feed.
  •  ● For fattening animals as a growth stimulator.

Preparation benefits:

  •  ● Mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin B1, zearalenone, T-2 toxin, ochratoxin, vomitoxin, etc., are widely absorbed and neutralized.
  •  ● Reduces digestive disorders, normalizes digestion.
  •  ● It has a positive effect on the restoration of the reproductive system of broodstock.
  •  ● Blocks and inhibits the action of a number of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic micro-organisms in the intestine.
  •  ● Enhances and maintains the immune system and protective functions of the body.
  •  ● Restores, stimulates and stabilizes the performance of animals.


— for sorption and neutralization of feed mycotoxins - 0,5 кг/т,
— as a growth promoter for fattening animals - 1 кг/т


Multilayer kraft bags with a polyethylene liner of 20 kg.

Storage conditions:

18 months from the date of production at a temperature of -25 to + 25 °C in a ventilated room.

Mycotoxins that produce various types of mold
types of moldfound toxins
Aspergillus flavus Aflatoxin В1, В2, G1, G2
A. parasiticus Aflatoxin В1, В2, М1, М2
A. ochraceus Ochratoxin
Fusarium trichoderm Zearalenone, Т-2, DON
F. roseum Т-2, 2-деоксиниваленол (ДОН)
F. graminearum Zearalenone, ДОН
Penicillium viridicatum Ochratoxin А
P. palitans Citrine, Ochratoxin А