Alphalad BT

Liquid concentrated amylolytic preparation for the low-temperature scheme of cooking of the starch containing raw materials. The preparation hydrolyses internal α-1,4 bonds of starch, which leads to a rapid reduction of viscosity of the wort, and prepares it to action of glucoamylase. The end products of the preparation’s action are dextrins of different molecular mass and oligosaccharides.

The optimal conditions for the action of «Alphalad BT»: pH 5.5-6.5 and temperature 90-95°C. The effectiveness of the preparation is kept also at pH 4,0-7,2 and temperature 70-95°C.

«Alphalad BT» is recommended for use at the stage of preparation of the batch by low-temperature scheme of cooking. You can supply it to the batch tank or directly to the cooker. The product is added in the ratio 0,55-0,65 l/ton of conditional starch.

Shelf life: 12 months at temperature from +5°C to +15°C.


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